Walking Meditation

November 16, 2018

Meditation doesn't always require that you sit still! Walking Meditation is a beautiful mindfulness practice which connects us both to our surroundings and inner world. 

Practice outdoors or in a room with open space. 

I hope you enjoy!



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Empathizing with an Emotion Meditation

March 22, 2018

Oftentimes we find that we categorize our emotions (and states of being).  There are the emotions we like: happiness, excitement, pride, etc., and the emotions we dislike: sadness, anger, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, disgust, etc. 

Can you think of a single human being who does not have experience with any of those "dislikeable" emotions? Experiencing these emotions is what makes us human; they are a part of the human experience. 

So why do we attempt to push these "dislikeable" or uncomfortable emotions out of our awareness or feel an urgency to get rid of them as quickly as possible? We have been conditioned by our culture to want the "positive." We think it is "negative," bad, or unacceptable to experience these uncomfortable emotions. Many of us grew up in families that only strengthened this understanding.

We live in a culture where constructs like logic, pragmatism, and success are valued and being "emotional" is looked down upon. We exist in a culture that doesn't understand emotion, and as a whole, lacks emotional intelligence. We champion drinking with colleagues after a hard day of work (in an effort to numb and avoid feeling emotions) as opposed to learning how to feel and tolerate emotion. 

The point of this meditation? There is profound growth that comes via sitting with an emotion, tolerating it, and approaching it with compassion, empathy, and curiosity. My hope with this meditation is that you will gain Self-knowledge and insight and progress down your healing path. 

If you're interested in practicing yoga sequences that compliment this practice please visit my Trauma-Focused Yoga YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcgzt-xiX9obhWy5UVgvpqA?view_as=subscriber

Thank you for listening.  

Evoking the Inner Advisor

January 19, 2018

Call her the Inner Advisor, the Intuitive Wise Self, or Divine Being Within, we all have a wise and intuitive part of us. This meditation offers that we give voice to our Inner Advisor and seek the answers from within, not without. 


I hope you enjoy. 


Therapy and Yoga support this meditation practice. Learn more at www.talkwithnityda.com and traumaconsciousyoga.com.


Thank you for listening. Namaste!

Meditation on Confidence

October 10, 2017

Confidence is a quality we all desire, yet one we've all lacked at some point. If you are looking to feel more confident, whether in general or in preparation for an upcoming event, this meditation is for you. In addition to meditating, I introduce you to two therapy techniques I've found extremely helpful for my clients that will help you feel confident inside and out. 

I hope you enjoy! Learn more at www.talkwithnityda.com and traumaconsioucsyoga.com


Loving Kindness Meditation for The Child Within

September 6, 2017

This meditation is an extension of the previously recorded Metta Meditation where we direct feelings of love, nuturance, peace, and joy to our inner child. 

The inner child- we've all got one. It's likely that as a child not all of our needs were met; even the most capable of parents struggle. And for some of us, our parents simply couldn't protect us, or even worse, actively harmed us. No matter your sitution, as an adult, you are capable of attending to your inner child and giving her everything she deserved and didn't get. 

Join me and give this meditation a try. You might be suprised by the impact. Thanks for practicing with me and Namaste!

Metta Meditation: A Loving-Kindness Practice

August 31, 2017

Metta, meaning "loving-kindness" is a beautiful practice during which we vocalize and project feelings of peace, love and happiness to ourselves and others. In this podcast I will give you the background on Metta Meditation, read to you approximately 10 researched benefits of the practice, and then guide you through this meditation. 

Learn more here: www.talkwithnityda.com and please reach out with questons: nityda@talkwithnityda.com


Body-Gratitude Meditation

August 7, 2017

In relating with the world, we must first look at our relationships with ourselves. Our worthiness does not have to be tied up in society's view of our attractiveness, yet we often address our bodies as though this is the case. What if we began to see our body for it's functionality, rather than it's "attractiveness?" Can we see the body as a vessel that transports our soul from point A to point B, a vehicle that mobilizes our nervous system and takes it from one experience to the next? What is one thing you are grateful for about your body in this moment? 

*Note: I suggest listening to "Tapping" - episode seven, first, as the Tapping technique is something I offer you try in this meditation. You might also enjoy reading the related article: https://talkwithnityda.com/increase-self-intimacy-and-worthiness-with-this-body-gratitude-practice/



Tapping- A Technique to Enhance your Meditation Experience

August 7, 2017

Tapping, or Resource Tapping, is a technique that uses bilateral stimulation (the foundation of EMDR therapy). Through the use of tapping we can both soothe our nervous system and increase positive feeling states. Learn this technique and how it can help you embody the qualities you are wanting to cultivate in your life, both on and off the meditation cushion. 

Clouds in the Sky Mindfulness Meditation

June 21, 2017

This guided mindfulness meditation and relaxation practice embodies the principles of mindfulness in such a way that new meditators are able to grasp the basics while practicing. The beauty of this meditation practice is that it helps the meditator change emotional states by imagining oneself in a tranquil atmosphere. If mindfulness is the act of gaining control of our minds, then this practice provides the foundation of this work. Great for all levels from novice to seasoned meditators. 

Meditation on the Space Between the Breath

June 6, 2017

This meditation practice begins with guided breathwork followed by a breath-centered meditation practice that will allow you to "drop in," get present, calm the mind and nervous system, and ultimately, reach a place of transcendence.