Mindful Body Scan

May 27, 2017

A mindful body scan helps us release tension from the body, and attend to the cues that our bodies are constantly sending us, but which we often miss through the hustle of our day. This guided body scan provides a relaxing and rejuvenating break, mid-workday, or a peaceful way to drift into sleep at night. I hope you enjoy it!



Letting Go of Burdens Meditation

May 12, 2017

So often I find in our society that when we wish to let go of something we think we should DO something to let go. This meditation is about being- being with our stories, our feelings, our bodies, and the weights we carry, and gently and compassionately inviting these things to drop off. 

When we sit in our own human being, we can approach our burdens with a peaceful mind, and the burdens begin to feel less like burdens and more like possibilities. 



Minding the Emotion Meditation

April 27, 2017

This meditation allows you to practice tolerating and then distancing yourself from challenging emotions. It also allows you to practice non-attachment to even the most pleasurable of emotions. This meditation is a reminder that all emotions are transient and they all serve a purpose. 


Please enjoy. Much peace. Namaste!

Nityda Gessel, LCSW, E-RYT