Meditations with Nityda

Empathizing with an Emotion Meditation

March 22, 2018

Oftentimes we find that we categorize our emotions (and states of being).  There are the emotions we like: happiness, excitement, pride, etc., and the emotions we dislike: sadness, anger, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, disgust, etc. 

Can you think of a single human being who does not have experience with any of those "dislikeable" emotions? Experiencing these emotions is what makes us human; they are a part of the human experience. 

So why do we attempt to push these "dislikeable" or uncomfortable emotions out of our awareness or feel an urgency to get rid of them as quickly as possible? We have been conditioned by our culture to want the "positive." We think it is "negative," bad, or unacceptable to experience these uncomfortable emotions. Many of us grew up in families that only strengthened this understanding.

We live in a culture where constructs like logic, pragmatism, and success are valued and being "emotional" is looked down upon. We exist in a culture that doesn't understand emotion, and as a whole, lacks emotional intelligence. We champion drinking with colleagues after a hard day of work (in an effort to numb and avoid feeling emotions) as opposed to learning how to feel and tolerate emotion. 

The point of this meditation? There is profound growth that comes via sitting with an emotion, tolerating it, and approaching it with compassion, empathy, and curiosity. My hope with this meditation is that you will gain Self-knowledge and insight and progress down your healing path. 

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Thank you for listening.